2021 Artifex Gallery, Vilnius

I explore the life of objects, trying to answer the following questions: what is an object? What is its relationship to human beings? Is an object just an idea, and we only know its function? What does an object become when separated from its function, when all that is left of it is an image, and it is placed in a different context?

We live in a world of objects, where they, as a kind of extension of our body (according to Marshall McLuhan), fill our everyday life. Living alongside us, objects, as man-made artefacts, eventually become invisible: they seem to become ingrained in our daily life. Some of them seem more representative than others, while others live their life hidden in drawers or storerooms. However, even mass-produced items still have their own uniqueness, which manifests through their relationship with the marks left by the user of the object (the human being): these marks inscribe in them a kind of “information code” about the owner of the object. On the other hand, each object has its own form, into which functionality “encapsulates”, i.e. design.

After I had torn the objects out of the household, I have tried to perform a kind of “surgical intervention” by enclosing the image of the object in glass containers, thus dematerialising them. At the same time, however, without allowing them to disappear definitively into the world of ideas, I have left the real fragments of the object as allusions to their presence here and now, bringing them back into our reality. This is a kind of “dissection” or “implantation” of real functional attributes in order to clarify the point at which the object as function and the object as idea collide.



Glass, print on transparen film, fasteners, bag for vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner hose, fan speed control mechanism, artificial roots.


Clear plexiglass with print, iron parts.


Clear plexiglass with printing, wires, tool parts, fittings.

1,24 m

Transparent epoxy resin, measuring tape parts, adhesive film, fasteners.


Clear plexiglass with print, painted plastic, table handles.