Everyday archeology

2013. Graphics from drawing to shadow. Kairė-dešinė Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Print Digital print of engraving interpretation of the contemporary context.

Transparent film Photo documentary captured objects moving them onto a transparent film loses its materiality Documentary - stuck between the object and the ideas, images and shadow.

Two-dimensional or three-dimensional The choice of material makes the transition to an intermediate state between two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging.

Chests drawers deposition objects depending on their needs and values form the "cultural layers" - sinks to the bottom of your most valuable items absurdity, upper sluoksinius leaving those who are closer to our everyday needs. Shelves - more open to us and with fewer hidden treasures of the world, often changing and increasingly tied to everyday life. However, taken out of context, and the design of the wall, they find themselves between being here, to sink into the past and prehistory - a technical drawing.